1977 Mula
Multidisciplinary artist who develops her work in painting, drawing, video creation, installation and filmography.

Academic background
2005 Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude. Speciality Paint. UMU University. (Murcia-Spain)
2003 Graduated in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Valencia (Spain)
2002-03 Kunstakademie München, Tutor Gunther Förg (München-Germany)
2001 Armando Reveron University Institute of Art, Tutor Luis Lizardo (Caracas-Venezuela)

2013 Film Workshop with Abbas Kiarostami. (Murcia-Spain)
2017 Film Workshop with Víctor Erice. (Madrid-Spain)

Scholarships and awards
2022 Exhibition projects La Capilla. Rectorate of the University of Murcia (Murcia-Spain)
2021-22 ICA Plan Crea Plastic and visual arts Scholarship (Murcia-Spain)
2021 Selection Spaces Tomás y Valiente Art Center(CEART) (Madrid-Spain)
2020 Film production grant. Murcia City Council (Murcia-Spain)
2013 IBAFF jury special mention for short film (Murcia-Spain)
2011 The Gabarron Foundation Grant (New York-USA)
2009 Film production grant. Murcia City Council (Murcia-Spain)
2007 Painted House Scholarship (Mula, Murcia-Spain)
2007 First Prize for Visual Arts Murcia Joven, (Murcia-Spain)
2003 Erasmus scholarship (Munich-Germany)
2001 Promoe Grant (Caracas-Venezuela)

Solo exhibitions
2021 A pesar de la oscuridad, Espacio 3 – Centro Párraga (Murcia-Spain)
2020 Filtro/Luz, Toledo Art Circle (Toledo-Spain)
2018  I want to be a soprano,Transversal Space, ArtNueve Gallery (Murcia-Spain)
2016 Transmutations, Cajamurcia Foundation (Madrid-Spain)
2015 L’Immortalité, El Cigarralejo Iberian Art Museum (Mula, Murcia-Spain)
2015 Mirrors, Toledo Art Circle (Toledo-Spain) 
2014 Mobile maps, Geographies in motion. AB9 Space (Murcia-Spain)
2013 Emptinesses, Pantocrator Gallery (Shanghai-China)
2011 Atmospherik,The Gabarron Foundation (New York-USA)
2011 Young Creators, Gabarrón Foundation,(Valladolid-Spain)
2011 Atmospherik Casa Pintada Museum, (Mula, Murcia-Spain)
2010 Grid-in, Proj ’8’5’10’ – Stand Murcia, ARCO Contemporary Art Fire (Madrid-Spain)
2010 Light traps, perception games, MAC Museum of Contemporary Art (Puerto Rico-USA)
2009 Grid-in Box, Proj.Techformance -Stand Murcia, ARCO (Murcia/Madrid-Spain)
2009 Light traps, perception games, CIRCA Contemporary Art Fair (Puerto Rico-USA)
2007 Colours Drivers, LAB Young Art Laboratory (Murcia-Spain)
2007 The broken man, La bodega space, Casa Pintada Museum (Mula, Murcia- Spain)
2006 Why, Luis Garay Room. (Murcia-Spain)

Group exhibitions (selection)
2021 FIVA10 International Video Art Festival. Buenos Aires, (Argentina)
2020 XXIII El Brocense Fine Arts Prize Cultural Institution (Caceres-Spain)
2019 The Guest Project. Santa Clara Museum (Murcia-Spain)
2017  XII Hall of Criticism. AMUCA. Regional Auditorium. (Murcia-Spain) 
2017 A Stone’s Throw Away, Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary.(Mallorca-Spain) 
2015 Proj.Contratiempos, La Conservera (Murcia-Spain)
2014 Mobile maps. Geographies in motion, AB9 Space (Murcia-Spain)
2014 Shandong Biennale International, (China)
2012 Japan 400,Art and development factory (Madrid-Spain)
2009 Alter-Arte Urban Art Festival, City Council of Murcia (Murcia-Spain)
2009 Asynchronous Strategies ,Espirelia Festival (Lorca, Murcia-Spain)
2008 Project Genres???, Párraga Center, (Murcia-Spain)
2008 Emerging Artists of the Mediterranean, The Gabarron Foundation,(New York-USA)
2008 Optica Festival, Cultural Center Old Institute, (Gijon-Spain)
2008 Alter-Arte Urban Art Festival, City Council of Murcia (Murcia-Spain)
2003 Jahresausstellung Akademie der Bildenden Künste München (Germany)
2003Klasse von Förg Akademie der Bildenden Künste München (Germany)

Festivals selection
2021 FIVA10 International Video Art Festival.Official section (Buenos Aires- Argentina)
2013 IBAFF Murcia International Film Festival. Official Section (Murcia-Spain)
2012 Festival Premiers Plans Angers.Official Section (Paris-France)
2011 Cinematographic Show of the Atlantic Official Section (Cádiz, Spain)
2011 Liff, International Film Festival, Official Section (Lucerne-Switzerland)
2011 Festival CineEspaña (Toulouse- France)
2011 14 Malaga Festival, Spanish Cinema. Official Section (Malaga-Spain)
2011 39th Ed.-Huesca International Film Festival.Official Section (Huesca-Spain)
2009 Optica Video Art Festival (Gijón-Spain)

Shandong Biennale International, (China)
MAC, Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico
The Gabarron Foundation, Valladolid
Casa Pintada Museum, Mula. Murcia
Municipal Library of Mula. Murcia
Autonomous Community of Murcia
Polytechnic University of Valencia
Royal Academy Alfonso X the Wise, Murcia
Building of the Convalescence of Murcia
Mula City Council. Murcia